Our Story

CGDAY was founded with one key objective: provide a social setting for youths and utilize their interest in video games to create a learning experience which will provide useful skills for their future and set them up for success!

At our core, we are dedicated to our students’ success. We provide a welcoming and safe environment where students can socialize with new friends who share a common interest, share and collaborate as a team and engage in creative learning. Our one key objective: to use youth’s interest in video games to create a learning experience which will provide useful skills for their future and set them up for success.

We are a dependable academy that offers diverse programs related to design, art and technology, all of which are essential skills for future careers. Moreover, we are committed to helping each individual student realize their full potential, as proven by our low student-to-instructor ratio, which allows us to customize the learning experience and offer personalized training for each student.

our story

Our Values



The best solutions come from working together. CGDAY™ provides unique opportunities for students to learn the vital skills of sharing and collaboration.



We aim to promote the individuality and creativity of our students. With the rapid growth of technology, the youth of today’s generation will be entering into a different and diverse job force. Encouraging these skills at an early age will prepare students to be adaptable beyond the classroom and into their careers in an exciting new era.



Tech literacy is an essential skill required for succeeding in the world today. CGDAY™ prepares your child for the future by using the latest and most advanced technological tools and design software. The skills our students practice at CGDAY™ enable them to think critically and analytically to design and develop something they love.



CGDAY™ fosters an environment where technical skills can be learned and lifelong friendships can be created and flourish. We aim to grow the social development of young people by offering a fun and welcoming learning environment for all.

Our Experts

Marcel b:w1

Marcel is a reputable and experienced video game designer with a love for teaching. With over 10 years of professional game development experience and extensive training from the Art Institute of Vancouver and BC Institute of Technology, he has contributed level design and art modification to world-renowned games.

Our Technology

Your children will become experts in the following game development tool areas:


Is a video game engine that is used commonly throughout the gaming industry as an alternative to an “in house” game engine. It allows for the rapid development of beautiful and complex environment comprised of intricate Ai interactions, and scripted events. Most engines are designed to streamline the game dev process, and unreal is one of the most common and widely used game engines in the world due to its ease of use, intelligent design, and capabilities of rapid prototyping.


Is a commonly used program for photo editing and is used heavily in the gaming industry as a way to create texture art for many 3D game objects such as Characters, props, environments, User interfaces (UI) etc…


Is an advanced 3D modeling tool used for many purposes, from creating advanced prototypes to video game characters. 3Ds Max offers a wide range of tools from Animation and rigging, to simulated particle physics, and video rendering.